Thursday, 7 November 2013

Engineering Change Notice (ECN)

The absent of this process in an organization is a flaw. But the absent of the proper execution of this process is a complete DISASTER. Ignorance is a bliss.

First posting

Let see if i manage to consistently publish a posting. At least 200 words per day. I would like to share my experience implementing an ERP project for an automotive industry. Of course i cannot mentioned the brand or company. Will try to forbid that. Or else i will get sue... hohoho...

Anyway, lesson learn for today!

System should be designed and implemented based on physical flow. The actual flow. Not the other way around.

Well, you might say this is what is supposed to be...

Unfortunately, not in this project. People can just be soooo stubborn and blame the system when shits happen!

Is it 200 words already? Hummm... let's keep it short ya?

Till the next posting. Adios!